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11-24-13 10am

Test posting for new report

Fricken Cold

Weather: Fricken Cold
Trail Conditions: not good for sled or atv

Over 4000 page views yesterday, a little bit of snow sure gets you guys and gals looking in. All we got was a dusting but it looks like we may have some snow on the way later this week. Colder temps look like they may be moving in too. We need cold, and lots of it.

I got a few reports of people getting deer, some camps even got 2 or 3. On the news last night they said 7 wolves were killed. The limit that the DNR set was 43. This is the first year Michigan had a wolf hunt, lots of controversy over that, Wisconsin started having one last year.

Fricken Cold and windy

Weather: Fricken Cold and windy
Trail Conditions: see above

Unsticking my truck was pretty uneventful. The tow truck winched it out with the 35′ trailer hooked up. Busy again yesterday, more beers than deers going down in Bergland. The hunters are getting a few though.

Fricken wet

Weather: Fricken wet
Trail Conditions: see above

Holy shit……. We were busy at the bar yesterday. Probably the busiest we have been since back in February sometime. I am not sure where everyone came from but I am glad they came here. Kristie was running her ass off. I was kind of beat, got to the bar to open up at noon so I didn’t have a chance to write anything this morning. I brought my mom’s trailer down so I could move it to storage sometime today but………. Well if you check out the webcam you can see my truck along with the trailer stuck in the mud across the street. Tune into the web cam at 11am est tomorrow and you can watch the tow truck pulling my ass out. Hey I haven’t done anything stupid for a while so I think I was over due. See ya tomorrow.

Sunshine and warm

Weather: Sunshine and warm
Trail Conditions: muddy

Happy Hunting, opening day of deer season today. Wahoooo Word is the deer herd is down because of the long winter last year. Hopefully the hunters out there will find a buck or two. Beef sandwiches were flowing out of the kitchen, a few beers were sold too. Hunting has been declining, I have seen the decline in the 7 deer seasons that I have had the bar. It is mostly older guys coming up, you don’t see the kids or grand kids taking up hunting. I guess most of them are deer hunting on the x-box. The ones that are here will have fun, beef and beer.

Too warm!

Weather: Warm up here
Trail Conditions: muddy

I guess I owe a couple of apologizes out there. Becker worked Tuesday and said there were a couple of groups in wanting beef sandwiches, I was supposed to work Tuesday but our schedule got turned around and I worked Monday and Wednesday instead. I forgot I put it on the website that I was going to cook Tuesday. So there I was with beef ready on Wednesday and no one showed up for dinner. LOL I had to eat it all by myself. I’m still full this morning. Sorry to anyone that stopped by on Tuesday.